Thursday, September 27, 2007

Canon EOS 400D

Hi, 2 days been sick and after that pappy bring me to see vet, I get injection and eat some medicine. After that I become so energitic :p After I get well in evening, he bring me to play gound and take some nice picture. He brought a nice camera, I want take more picture !! But he quite new in this camera, that why some photo was blur. Please give him sometime and he will learn to take a nicer picture:p

I didn't look like sick right?

Some of my favor pose !

Acting Blur

Night Shot

Blekkkk !

My pappy camera, front view

Back view !

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Tang Lung Festival

Yeah... This is second year I am celebrating Moon Cake Festival with my pappy and mammy. very happy because I saw alot kids and people playing fire? oppss I should say Tang Lung.

Pappy brought me a Chicken Shape Tang Lung

Me and My Tanglung with Mammy

See they enjoying Steamboat and I just take dog food :(

Angry me and I destroy some of the Tang Lung (Pappy angry me)

Very enjoying with tang lung around

See, My face should how happy I am !

After they finish Steamboat, they have a tea and moon cake time... I was allow to participate... Yeah ! alot pappy and mammy friend sit and drink chinese tea and having taste moon cake. This year pappy give me some moon cake to eat !

Pappy, Can I have some mooncake?

Yes for sure ! My pappy give me !!!

Monday, September 24, 2007

Pet - N - You

Sunday morning, normally my pappy sleep like a pig. Follow by me, I also will sleep like dead dog (this what pappy's sister said). But on last weekend (sunday) he wake up at 7am !! OMG ... and bring me to walk -_-'' I just sweat... maybe my pappy want to go somewhere that why bring me to pee pee and poo poo 1st. Dont care la..

However Pappy starting to change my leashed and colar.

Thank goofy for the new leash and colar

Starting fill up water and bring bag !! Oooo oooo must be go somewhere ! haha I so exciting and standby to go.

Me and Pacco go mamak and take breakfast (the hooman just eat we waiting -_-'')

Not for dog ! -_-''

Training ground ! Pet N You training ground, Pappy promise prince that will bring prince to training after October end. I wish I can jump higher and be more agile !

Pet-N-You Training Ground

Tai Ko Bank, Prince and Big Snoopy! (3 of us the MOST handsome dog)

After the training, pappy go Temerloh (Mertakab) for wedding dinner and after he come back he said he ate Pacco just now ?? I was wat???

Pacco? Where?

*Fainted and 2 leg face sky

Yes Like this !!

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Today suppose plan to go A'Farmosa, but this busy pappy said not free that why cannot go. So pappy just bring me to JT (Jungle Tracking). As told you I was enjoying the trip with my new join mammy. There are some picture I taken. Please enjoy and I hope more friend can join us in future.

Once arrived, straight away jump down... Pappy and Mammy just sweat -_-''

For sure my this is my mammy... Pacco's owner taking who pic??

Mammy call Colar Bear -_-''

When he swim, it l0ok like carpet and if he dont... look like de ring? hehehe jk jk

Fei Fei, The adventure dog...

Finally group photo... where is mammy? ooo she take photo !

Prince : Hei, Why you so size big?

Bank : What you mean? Fat Izzit? I am FIT !

Prince : No No No ! I did mean that?

Bank : You better pump ur weight ! only can look handsome as me

Mammy just sayang me.

I still good friend with Bank tai ko

Friday, September 21, 2007

Jungle Tracking with Mammy

Tomolo is the 1st time I jungle tracking with mammy. Normally just pappy go, but this time why mammy also join? maybe she sayang me more? or others possibility? Tomolo I will know...

Yooooooooooooo Jungle Tracking !!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Exciting KKB Trips

Wow wow wow (barking), you going to regret if you not joining us. It was a really cool event. I dont want bark so much, you see the picture you know how fun was the trips. A picture mean thousand words.

Wow, see see so many people !!!

Drivers Briefying

After briefying they starting move, there are alot car, more than 10++ and the journey take about 2 hours to reach the destination

So long the journey... Sleepy ..

Very nice view ... A Lake

The green shirt with blue bag is my pappy.

The water so cold.. pappy I dont want go in

Pappy : Dont care... Go In !

Prince : Awwwwwwww

I hate you pappy :p

However That was 1st move, Now I enjoy Swimming, Swimming !

Close shot of swimming

Play 'Tai Chi'

Pacco Shivering

Amber's Family

Yen Yen's Family

Hee Ling and Heng who my pappy's friend

Prince, Pacco and Money !

Recycle Dog... I pick bottle for recycle

I bring back anything you throw.

Even a dinasour !

Dino dino.. Shu Shu's Punya

Taking too much, been chase by other friends.

Aiyoooo... More coming... Run !

GR's Corner

Cleaning Session (money look sad)

Begging Mammy's to stay?

Pacco also look sad of leaving? or happy?

After that, Pappy decide to sit with me and let his friend to drive. I was happy because I never sit with pappy before in the car because everytime also he drive. Hehehe see my picture, I so manja.

Pappy with in car.

The whole Journey I just sleep like that.