Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Itchy's Prince

Pappy, Pappy ... help prince very itchy...

Ahhhhhhhhh feel better after few roll and roll :)

Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Today is christmas day. This is the first christmas I be with my pappy and mami.
Because today is Christmas, so mami has very good mood >> She bring me to walk walk la..
(i think maybe later pappy want to bring her to buy a handbag so her mood is good, xu....dont say is i say )

But I think I like pappy bring me out more. Coz hor, when mami bring me, she always dont give me freedom...such as :

i want to smell the rubbish,
she say "CANNOT! it is not hygenie"

i want to smeel others dogs shit, want to know more fren,
she say "CANNOT!it is dirty!"

i want to fight and bark at the two small dogs at that corner house,
she say "CANNOT, you will loose if you fight coz u are lousy fighter."

i want to smell the sand in front of the house ,
she say "CANNOT, later you make ur nose and mouth full of sand"

i want to play with the other dog,
she say "CANNOT, that dog is dirty and later you infect by the tick."

i want to say hi with the dog behind my house,
she say "CANNOT, later it will bite you. You forget ler ma?"

HAIYAA.....this cannot that cannot , mami really is a sien women.
but i know she very sayang me la, so i guai guai follow her back to house.
As she wish la. i always pretend to be a good boy.

But tell you honestly, i will be bad boy next time when pappy bring me out.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Pretending Dead

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is my skill of pretending died... Let Begin !

Dead...? Oppss I'm not :) I'm Alive ! I'M Alive !

Christmas Tag

Hohoho again. Christmas tag... Ok Here are rules set by chayuchaki

The rules of the games:

  • The player with this game starts with 3 wishes he/she would love to get for Christmas and a list of 3 wishes he/she definitely does not want for Christmas.
  • Then he/she tags 5 friends and list their names.
  • The ones who get tagged need to write on their blogs about their Christmas wishes, as well as state the rules clearly, then tag 5 more victims.
  • To tag friends, leave a comment on their blogs that says, "You've been Christmas tagged!" and tell them to read your blog.
I think will be nice to play! ok... I think of my wishes 1st... errrr OK here we go...
  1. I wish Pappy and Mammy spend more time with me
  2. I wish Pappy and Mammy earn more money can buy more thing to me
  3. I wish I can go swimming with Pappy and Mammy

Ok... Turn to what i dont want in christmas

  1. I dont want to have Red Urine
  2. I dont want to be Alone at home
  3. I dont want to have skin Infection
Hehehe now turn to find victim.
  1. Chayuchaki
  2. Pacco
  3. Amber
  4. Che-Cheh
  5. Sherman

Earlier Christmas

Hohoho, Merry X'Mas... Opps too earlier? who said so... My pappy said my wishes already advertise in newpaper liao... but hor he said is German Newspaper... I also dont know la... but really want to do some wishes.

Wish all my friend, my pappy and mammy friend and all my blog viewer HEALTHY, WEALTHY and Dream come true. Fast ! Make a wish here... I promise your sure will Dream come true. If not come true then come back find my pappy :p because he said one. hehehe.

I think I am 1st Dog who in newspaper for make wishes. Yeah !

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jingle Bell x2, Jingle All The Way

Hohoho... Merry X-mas, oppsss too early? haha no la... where got early. My pappy already got christmas tree at home liao... and also pappy promise me for my X-mas presents... I wish I can have new toys or Big Bones for my X-mas.

My Mammy X-Mas Tree, Pretty or not?

Paiseh... I on screen :)

Nice Pose? Hehehe

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gorgeous Look

Do I look cool?

After Bath...

This situation only can happen after I bath, my body is wet and I am not allowed to go in house. Pappy and mammy will take the fan to dry me before I can proceed into the house...

When my body will dry?

Open turbo fan ! I want faster dry up !