Wednesday, October 31, 2007

New Tracker

Hi all, let me introduce you our new tracker, Abby de Dogzilla and Molly de Hyper Active Dog. So happy can track with them. Their parent was very excited but the owner was scare to unleashed them. However my pappy was "pujuk" them few time telling them is save 1 only, they release Abby and Molly... They run freely and so happy. Thank to my pappy hor :p

Molly is infected by prince virus?? hehehe

Welcome to new comer

Sick Amanda and Pacco just cant join the JT

As usual, gather at stream and I busy with my "ball"

Nice posing !

GR Gathering (Jojo, Prince, Bank and Lucky)

After the JT session, Molly and Money owners visiting my house but as rules of my pappy house, no dog allow in to the house... Sorry Molly and Money, next time my pappy stay alone then allow u all go in la... paiseh paiseh :)

3 poor doggy look at their owner inside the house :)

Monday, October 29, 2007


About ghost day right? A "Ang Mo" ghost day? hehe Chinese also got ghost day right? hehehe by the way I dont like ghost story and ghost day 1... Please dont tell me :)

A bunch of Retriever act Ghost :p

Pappy, pappy will you make a ghost costume for Prince? or give me eat a ghost pumpkin? I want I want ! Look very cute neh :) haha hope u all like. Opps forget the photo is post my WON at low yat forum.

Sunday, October 28, 2007


Last saturday was suprisely that Audrey bring me a scaf. when I wear it, it look like Cowboy wor :p hahaha by the way I am not promoting for pro plan. I never take pro plan food also... Paiseh ah pro plan :p

Do i look Gorgeous?

Cowboy Prince :)

After go back from the JT, evening walk pappy bring something to eat. I was request and fighting with pappy to get this thing to eat. See see what is that?

Sweet and very nice ! Guess what?

Hahaha is sugar cane !! Nice I bite and drink the juices yummy :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

Molly Visit

Last week was a suprise that my pappy bring me to visit Molly. She is very energitic and I would describe her as Hyper Active Dog ! Running for 3 hours and no sign of tired or maybe she dont know the word "tired". Hahaha but I really enjoy the session.

Hanging around at molly house.

Pose-ing :p

Molly looking for something

Yes... Food ! Molly jump up

Yummy !

So nice can take picture with pappy at sofa

Cheeeseeeee !

Molly and Pappy

Some Action with molly

Molly escaped !

Lovely Moly and Jane

Whoah !! Nice

Friday, October 19, 2007


Another trips I going, eh every trip also so early... tired la... :p Next time let me know earlier, I can sleep early so I wont feel so sleepy :p


This time we go without 1 Musketeer that is Money aka the Swimmer :) and the Owner... ermmm nevermind next time must have chance to go again ! Driver and doggies meet up and the journey begin !

Pacco Lui and Prince Chai

Cute Doggies aka Toffee or Coffee?

The Journey arrive and here is our geng ! 13 Cars !

Amber and Chloe as a guard for their owner !

In mean while me and jessie relax in the broken house !

The Sun was very bright and it look like very good mood for swimming. But still the water is dam cool ! I just enjoying with my friends and my favor toys B-A-L-L.

Sunny Day !

Prince : Help ~~~

Chloe : The water is not deep go up ur self

In the same time others doggies enjoying their water game

Ermmm Who are them? hahaha guess urself !

While GR enjoying their ball game !

Jiro and Ayako with great owners !

After swimming session, I was caught to photo

My Pappy ! (Do I look stun?)

Prince, Pappy and Dookie !

Duchess & Bentley

What is that thing? ooo is Amanda and Pacco. So far ???

Venus and Owner !

After the swimming session, those hooman going to Ulu Yam for their lunch... The restaurant was good because it allow dog ! thank to the Taukeh..

Max was so tired and fall asleep

See Group Photo !

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sekinchan !

After KKB II (next blog) Pappy bring me back his hometown who popular with Beach (fisher land) and Paddy fields. He promise me to bring me enjoy those view and take some picture. I so happy and I really enjoy the whole trip. We starting the journey at 6.45pm and reach Sekinchan around 8.15pm. Traffic is smooth and very nice sleep in there :p

Arriving quite late... see, dark liao

After arriving, nothing much to do... Sleep and waiting tomolo morning to come. Tomolo morning promise pappy need wake up early to accompany grandpa for morning walk.

Whoaahhhh, so early meh ?? 7am -_-'''
Here me, my grandpa and my nieces

After morning walk, I play with my ball, am I cute?

Hei, got copy right ok? Dont act cute, you wont as cute as me !!!

The sun is sunny but suddenly sky turn dark and it might going to raining... Pray hard... hehe then just a little raining and after that stop. After that pappy bring me to paddy field. Yeah but what happen ?? See below

After unleashed, I terus jump to river and swim, pappy angry me

Got lecture -_-''

Nevermind la..scold abit only biasa liao, start pose-ing

Acting acting :p

Green green grass... not grass is paddy :p

So nice why so fast go back?? I dont want I dont want

No choice still need to go but pappy car was dirty by me, so many mutt and pappy go and bath me angrily... he call me to think properly what I am doing, izzit wrong or right.... I start thinking...

Think deeply

Eh WTH ?? why pappy put bone at my head? sweat -_-'''

Chibi (Celine) Creative Art !

Oiii pappy (shout) ! bring me out please

Maybe because I shout my pappy, he bring me to beach together with my grandpha and my nieces. That place was really nice... not believe? see below :

Wah ! so nice pappy come and see !

See so nice !

Finding some nice see shell

Weather was nice and cool

There are some dog here too

There are boat there also :)

I know some new friends... But I still dont know their name :) nice to meet them

The journey of Sekinchan end after the beach session. Hei friends, trust me, you must come to sekinchan to enjoy those excitment. Call ur hoomans and bring you all come ! Dont miss it !