Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Prince Doll House

Wow so impressive !! See what Mammy done... She mimic me !! She using clay to do it !!

Will post the real photo as the Model !!! haha stay tune ! Mammy you really talented... Impressive and Artistic !

For more picture.. you can visit my Mammy workshop :)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

CNY photo

Hei... Thanks for all concern... I am recovering... This CNY I so siok... Pappy sent me to boarding at Yen's house which I know alot new friends. I had swim 2 times neh ! hahaha maybe that make me get cold? hahaha I dont care... it so enjoying ! After the boarding, Sunday 10 Feb 2008 pappy bring me back Sekinchan wor... visiting grandpa and grandma... they love me and they feed me alot :) Here are the photo ... Enjoy yeah !

Gong xi gong xi...

Boring CNY la... nothing to do at home somemore kena "ikat" hehehe

Sleep all the day long... *Yawn

Normally pappy very "sek" me 1, every evening time he will take me to walk and unleashed me. I run around the area. A lot stray dog and alot of hooman around... Exciting... and I leave my poo poo and pee pee around :p After a long run, tired and get rest 1st...

I take over my grandpa place outside the house... marble sit... SIOK !

Relax, really nice

Nearly fall sleep

I meet 2 cutety children... My cousin suppose be la... (my pappy's niece and nephew) They are very funny and they ride me ah !! see the picture grrrrrrrrrrr

Starting very lovely 1... see, evil thing coming up

I am dog ok? I am not horse !!

ah... I tot only boy is nauti... This little girl also so nauti !!

Nah... Revenge... BLEKKKKK !

p/s: I am waiting Yen's video swimming at her house... hopefully pappy will get me very soon.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sick CNY

Sorry all for no post currently,
Pappy was busy and I was sick... Coughing, Fever and Flu. I get cold and alot of green green thing come out from nose. Now I am recovering after see VET, dont worry so much ya my friend. I have alot of picture I want to post in this CNY. Stay tune for more picture coming out.
p/s: Pappy and Mammy promise me bring me to JT this Saturday.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Thank Yen's jie jie for take care for me this 4 days.... I still waiting your swimming video. I wish everyone have a nice Happy Chinese New Year. Wait for my Video soon. I with pappy at Sekinchan now. Hehehe