Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emotional Me

It was so long I never post any thing due to the sickness on my neck and tail. Thank God that I recover now. Its take me 1-2 months and RM400+ to recover the stupid skin infection. Suffer from itchiness and pain. Thanks to Pappy that take care of me during this hard time. He onleave for purposely bring me to some good VET who only open on weekday.

Every morning and before sleep, he clean my infected area with the medicine that VET given. Very "Gam Dong" and I am sure he is a good Pappy (This 1 he call me to put in to promote him abit, hahaha) I hear Pappy tell the VET that "Money is not problem the important is Prince can get well soon". Thanks again for the caring and I know I am still so important in life. No matter what I know you wont leave me~

I am currently begin to cheer up and great after recovered. Notti Again~ Lol. Here are some picture I took when I enjoying my Bone. I hope you all will like it =)