Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pappy back to Hainan jor

Aiyoooo my pappy come back 4 days and go back again? In this 4 days he got bring me to play ground, walk, yam cha session with Pacco, Jiro and Ayako. Pappy bring me morning and evening walk... He play with me alot and I am having a photograhy session with pappy 2... let me share the photo with you all... enjoy !

I wish Pappy can come back faster and I wish I can play with him more and lau kai more... I am getting older and fatter... If I keep staying at home :( I miss you Pappy...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

KKB 3 Photo

Finally, my Pappy is free to update my blog, I miss him so much, I have been 13 days not see him. Ermmmm :( I miss you Pappy. However Pappy did see me in Webcam in Skype when I was with Mammy... But how come Pappy will inside the computer? I still blur about this... Pappy call me and I was -_-''. Pappy, back home faster :( Prince miss you so much, I believe Pappy also miss me de right?

OK, finish missing Pappy, hehehe here are the photo of KKB 3 (hehehe abit late ya). We have 2 Pekingese ,2 Laborator ,2 Golden Retriver,2 poodle,2 dalmation,1 Cokernauzer,1 Rott,1 Pomeranina & 1 GR mix. Totally 14 of us plus 8 cars...and countless of hooman as quoted in Jiro and Ayako.
Hahaha, see I sit already get ready !

Pappy, can you be faster? Mammy is waiting

I skip those meeting and driving part :) Nice view har? hehe

Cant wait go swim, Pappy swim with me :)

GR always the best swimmer har? hehe precisely :)

Pappy, take photo later, I want swim la... fast please

My expertise ! Swimming, I can teach FOC, who want to learn?

Showing off :) Running towards the ball !

See my face already know I dont take photo, I wanna swimming !!

Mammy? Ok la... give face... take faster !

Now is time to show off my skill on catching ball in the air ! Please dont try at home, I am not sure u you can do it or not :p If u think you wanna learn, I am very glad to teach you all :) Ok Let Rock !!!

Only 400D (or DSLR) can take those movement !! Enjoy !

Nature Scene In KK3, nice place. Trust me !

Relaxing and Posing

Get Ready to Go back home. Tired

As usual, there will going Ulu Yam and eat dont know what Loh Mee, Nice meh?

Ok, after eat and rest, we are back to our home. I was tired and I sleep most of the time in the car. After the season of swimming, I KO at house. Evening walk also skip. In the whole Trip, the below is the "best photo of the trip"

Mammy, Dont act pro ok? you sure you know how to take?? hehehe