Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prince the Pop Star

Funny Pappy... dont know sot where liao that suddenly call prince be a pop star. I wonder why he doing with all the tripod and the camera... each action need to do twice or more than that... sometimes 5 times... argghhhhhh

I was told that Pappy that he going to take me as guinea pig again... for testing some movies capturing skills... videographing? ermmm Ok la... what to do... I am only the person who he trust, hahaha. The itinerary as below :-

Early Morning
7.00am - Open the door and pretending wearing shoe -_-" (Take 2 Shoot)
7.15am - Asking me what to bring (Take 2 Shoot)
7.30am - Opening door (Take 3 Shoot)
7.40am - Jump into the car (Take 5 Shoot)
7.45am - Driving out from house (Take 2 Shoot)
8.00am - Reach Desa Park City (Take more than 5 Shoot)
9am - 11am - Playing around and taking around hahaha...

This about the itinerary that I have been thru the whole journey, it fun but yet very tiring. I hope next time Pappy can be more pro abit lor so that I no need to redo so many time. Here are my 1st draft that Pappy edited for me. Thanks you pappy.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Emotional Me

It was so long I never post any thing due to the sickness on my neck and tail. Thank God that I recover now. Its take me 1-2 months and RM400+ to recover the stupid skin infection. Suffer from itchiness and pain. Thanks to Pappy that take care of me during this hard time. He onleave for purposely bring me to some good VET who only open on weekday.

Every morning and before sleep, he clean my infected area with the medicine that VET given. Very "Gam Dong" and I am sure he is a good Pappy (This 1 he call me to put in to promote him abit, hahaha) I hear Pappy tell the VET that "Money is not problem the important is Prince can get well soon". Thanks again for the caring and I know I am still so important in life. No matter what I know you wont leave me~

I am currently begin to cheer up and great after recovered. Notti Again~ Lol. Here are some picture I took when I enjoying my Bone. I hope you all will like it =)

Sunday, August 30, 2009


A very exciting night, alot of foods and especially pappy and mammy is celebrating the birthday with me. The day of 29 August 2009 was too busy. Start from morning, pappy bring me to checkup for the skin infection problem. After come back I having my nice bath with new anti bacteria shampoo. I suppose to have my grooming session but because of the skin infection I got no grooming -_-"

While waiting for me to completely dry up, Pappy go to Ikano to buy present for me. His sista and niece following him to Ikano. I was waiting the party and waiting for my foods =) Here are some present that Pappy and Pappy's Sista bought.

A bowl from Pappy's Sista

This is my new ball =) 1 day rosak liao -_-"

My Birthday Cap~

Pappy's Sista Handmade cake =) Yummylicious
Big bone for prince =)
Time is not early, cant wait Pappy who lazy and slow in motion to setup BBQ fire. Ermmm let me handle this. The time for setup and about 30 mins. Mammy reach about 730pm and we start having our BBQ session. Alot of foods and drinks. Limited food I can take because I got skin infection problem. Only Chicken Wing, Hotdog (Hot like Prince :p) and Fishball (Not fish's ball ok? hahaha).
Setting up BBQ

Joker of the day -_-"

Prince and Family

Ermm My foods =)

Pappy is BBQ-ing for me =)

I am concentrate on the CAKE =)

Pappy : Dai gor zai jor, must listening dao~
Mammy : Ya, already big boy, 4 years old, listen to pappy ok?
Prince : Yala... yala.. "cham hei dao~"
My cake, dont want share can ah...
Pappy already celebrate 4 years brithday with me. I am so lucky to have a loving and wonderful Pappy like you, I love you so much. He told me that like wise to have Prince. Prince such a wonderful and loving dog for him and his family. They proud of what I am and love as what I will be. Thanks pappy and I feel very proud to be your son. Love you~

Friday, August 28, 2009

4th years old birthday

Haha... so happy Pappy sharp 12 oclock and come downstair sing Birthday song for Prince.

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to Prince Zai,
Happy birthday too you.

Wahaha a greenies and snacks... yummy... Love it so much~ Thanks Pappy for the delicious snacks. Pappy also say that will have a party on Saturday night. Is BBQ wahaha... hope my stomach will not kacau kacau else I will get scold again. Saturday will go vet to check up and then Pappy will going to Ikano to buy my present =) Hehehe Cant wait to what he will going to buy and will post here =)

Thanks for all the wishes from Pappy Facebook. Prince Zai will guai guai de lor :p
p/s: Just know that today also Grandma birthday... Happy birthday to you, Grandma =)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Desa Park City

What a wonderful Sunday. Pappy promise me on Saturday that he will going to bring me to photo shooting with Mammy. I am abit curios that izzit true? How come suddenly treat Prince so good de? Okies... actually I just believe 50%. Sorry Pappy, your words is not trustable anymore.

In the Sunday, 9th August 2009 - 645am... I hear some sound from kitchen and living hall... ahhhh I know is Pappy and it is Pappy's smell... I am so happy that He not lie to me... I am ready... Excited and Happy. Once he open the door I welcome and greet him with move my tail and butt. Happy... Starting heading to Desa Park City which is Dog Allow. Happy Photographing and Pose-ing with Mammy. Pappy next time we take our album ya =) Thanks alot for the outing, Prince feel very very Great. Enjoy da photo.

This is the photo which it was so meaningful to me and My Mammy. This months is our birthday. Mammy birthday on 18 August and mine is 28 August. Happy Birthday Mammy =) Wish you always pretty and happy =p

Saturday, July 11, 2009

EFS 55-250mm White Mice

I am model again, so long pappy didnt take any photo of me. This is because there is nothing special... mostly routine thing that I do. Sleep and wait pappy come back, go out walk and pee-poo then play with pappy, boring~ Can give some exciting activities for me? I am sure pappy will give me an excuses that HE is very busying~ Cis~ hate this.

However... Today pappy take out his new lens and starting to pose me and take alot of my picture. I am white mice again~ let him to test on his new lens, I am not sure this is good and should I happy with it -_-'' Okies less talk and enjoy the photo that pappy take with his new lens. Nice =)

I am sure you like my photo right? I will share more next time. Stay tune with Prince and you will never bored =) Enjoy your weekend and I will enjoy with my pappy.