Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nothing Special

Nothing special to share, routine things is happening. When pappy is at home, He bring me to walk at morning and night (if he is lazy maybe walk once). But when he is not in... I pee and poo at home :p Abit dissapointed because pappy again fly to Dubai for work, Miss MRDO :( ... I am alone again... but luckily still got my pappy's sista and 2 nauty fellow to accompany me=). Before he go to Dubai he brought me alot and alot dog food and snakes... Opss I mean snacks hahaha.

But this few days keep raining, keep keep raining. I crazily barking and scratching my pappy main door for going inside the house. The thundercat... I mean thunder and lighting is damn scary me... I want go in ... With no choice... they allow me go in sometime...

Yeah ! Able to get in the house :p