Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Tomolo is my day... Pappy promised bring me to Kuala Kubu Bharu for swimming wahahaha... Syiokkkkkk ! This is 1st outdoor activity after my sick. I have been 3 weeks not going out for any activity like JT and others. Just walk at my park only. Yes... This time I want to enjoy to MAX.
But Pacco and Money not going wor... how ah... haizzz 3 Muskeeter sudah left 1... I wanna change it to Lonely Ranger jor :p However what surprise me is my lovely Mammy will join tomolo activity !! What the day... she was rejected me since last 2 KKB trips. However this time, I wanna play longer hours and enjoy to max since I was so sien last 3 weeks :p Mammy, I show you nice place to play water ya... you must come down and enjoy with prince. Pappy, please take more picture for me ya :)
I will post more picture after the event ! hope weather is good and drive safely :)
KKB I am Coming.......

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Voting Jor

Hi all, getting well from the coughing and flu... I am going back to my top performance soon... hehehe But pappy say I still cannot join JT. hopefully next week I will go... this week is voting (08 March 2008) jor do you all join the voting session? See what pappy done for me ...

Ulat's blog give my pappy do this :p

But please remember, dont vote for me. I dont want become politician... it going to make me no time to enjoy :p I prefer sleep, eat, playing my toys and joining activity with my pappy.