Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Prince's Pappy

Enjoying my CNY photo? hahaha... dont be envy call ur parents to bring you out ! Since we talk about parents, let me talk some about my pappy.
Errmmmm I should said my pappy love me very much. He always accompany me even is late night. Even though sometime he is angry of me biting, do wrong thing or even use slipper to hit my nose (I hate him that time) but I know he want me learn and be a good boy... so I not angry lor.
He sometime even go back home on lunch time and bring me a "Nasi Ayam" (uhmmmm yummy). That day got fireworks and I really scared... He also accompanies me until 4am and next day he also need to work. This shown he really love me right? hehehe
I hate my parents, including pappy lor right? hehehe because they not accompanies most of the time. They said "We need to work for your food and snack" which was true la. However my pappy really love me, he sure give at least 10 min or more to play with me (although is very less but he will do most of the time).
Today morning, I enjoying playing with pappy about 15 min before he go to work... he look not so happy, however tonight I will play with him and make him happy.
Happy Chinese New Year (11th day)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

CNY Photo Session Episode 2

More and more nice and pretty picture...
Frankly, Did I look gorgeous? hehehe

Mammy in RED

Pappy in RED, pappy could you please don't strangle me.

Arriving pappy's house. Sekinchan, Selangor

Same fate... tied up

Pappy new car aircond was so cold. Nice... back to PJ lor

CNY Photo Session Episode 1

Hohoho... Prince's family and friends.

Journey to Mammy House with pappy new car

Me and My Fans

Because Mammy's Mammy scare me so I lost my freedom

After go to Mammy's Grandpa house to play

Friend in Langkap, Perak Bobby his name.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Happy Chinese New Year

I love Chinese New Year (CNY) and also I hate CNY. Ermmm let me explain,

I love CNY because:-
- I can travel with my pappy mammy to their hometown
- I can eat alot snack and junk food
- I can play with alot friend's
- Pappy and Mammy have alot time with me because they on holiday

I hate CNY because:-
- They keep bing boom bang those that called firework... damn scary, whole night cant sleep.

In this CNY, I really enjoy alot. I will post the alot photo later after my mammy download it to computer. Happy Chinese New Year (9th Day).

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Prince & Valentine's Day

Come to valentine's day, what did you all give your love 1? Dont tell me that you just pretend normal day, your loves 1 will sure dissapointed hor... Hahaha see the picture below, I sent my mammy a purple color tulip imported 1 hehehe. No la... is my pappy give 1. Nice? Not nice la... cause I dont have GF yet. Pappy and Mammy, when you all going to find 1 GF for me? Prince also want valentine's day with GF. I also want to give my GF purple color tulip cause it mean endless love. Fast after CNY find 1 for me !!!

Pai seh*, Pai seh* dont dare to see camera ... wish you all Happy Valentine's Day

*Pai Seh = shy

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Pappy New CAR

Hi all,

As I Promise, Here is my Pappy new car. Hehehe, nice? I told you that it was really nice. Sunday 11 Feb 2007, Pappy and Mammy bring me to Auntie Joanne and Uncle Darren house. Hehe it was 1st time sit at pappy new CAR... wow that was fun and I was really happy with the leather seat. So Happy...

When arrived their house, I straight away jump down and pees alot in their house hahaha to mark my territory hehehe. After playing awhile, pappy and mammy sending me home. However this friday nite I will follow my parents back to Langkap, Perak for CNY... Yeah can have a ride with new car again ! Yahooooo

p/s: I scared CNY because they got alot Bing Bing Boom Boom sound... :( Dont know why they like to play those sound.