Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Fifi the GR...

Saturday morning 11pm, I was release/unleashed and run around my housing area freely. Pappy was washing his car and ready to go Genting. I run and run... suddently I meet a girl... she was and GR 2 hahaha just stay near to my house... oooo I was kacau her and try to humps her... but she reject and fight me back hahaha...

After a while my parents and the GR owner meet up, they ci ci sam sam, dont know what they said. At the end I was back to my home. Oppsss why Fifi the female GR come back with me? I was so excited and hehehe u know what I will doing? I am try to hump her lol but failed :( huhuhu Fifi refuse it... I was try and try at the end both of us tired and stay seperately...

My pappy just told me that Fifi's heat just over... maybe u should try next time. And I hear the guard (bangladesh) said my skill poor... what mean that?? my skill poor? come you come and teach me :p (this 1 my pappy tell me de).

Dont worry I will work hard next time muahaha.

p/s: Pappy memory card was lost and I cant show you the picture... I hate pappy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cold Water

Ohhhh shiok... very cold the bukit gasing water. Pappy just shouting... "Prince... wake up ! wake up !" I dont care and it was very comfortable after so tired of running with Pacco.

Kekeke, Nice ! come an join me

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


Very Sad de every morning, see pappy go work or when Pappy scold me or hit me (when I naughty). I just sadly sleep at "tepi longkang". Pappy will come and call me but I just sleep there dont want "choi" him ... but pappy still go to work de ... he said he need to earn money for my dog food wor :( I am very boring boring at 9am - 7pm and 1am - 8am...

I didn't pretend de, I am very sad de

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Dog n Cat

Why the cat at top of the tree de? ehhhh... she is going to fall down... Wow wow (barked) ...