Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My New House :)

Hi all,

Sorry for late posting. I was moving to my new house in Sunday 24 June 2007 9:30pm. A story at 24 June 2007 begin:-

Early morning 7.00am, Pappy was wake up... I was wonder why Pappy wake up so early? Then they starting to moving thing out of the house... I was wonder again... I keep barking "hei what are you all doing?" but my Pappy never answer. Finally I know... my Pappy are moving house because the lorry come to my Pappy house and bring all their thing. I was keep barking and barking "hei, where are you all going? why leave prince here alone?" Then I was very sad.

Pappy, where are you all going?

Then leave me and Mammy at home. Where is my Pappy go? sad... :( Waiting and waiting finally Pappy come with 2 friends. I girl and 1 boy. Pappy tell me today bath nice nice then Pappy bring Prince to new house... Wooow ! I was excited and just wait there for bath... After bath and they going back again.

At night time around 9.00am Pappy and Mammy was meet and they start talking. Mammy did hug me and tell me dont be naughty in new house. Then I know they is a farewell with Mammy. Why Mammy not follow? I was wonder again and again... Pappy was sad and leaving... and I hope Pappy and Mammy can always accompanied me.

Early morning 25 June 2007 Pappy starting playing with me at new house. Below are some of my picture

Playing ball with Pappy


Looking Mimi and A bi (Shi Tzu)

Wat Up ??

Arrrggg cant go in


Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tick oh Tick

11:30 pm : Pappy unleashed me to run around my housing area
11:45 pm : Arriving playgound and leashed
12:00 am : Arriving infront of house and ready to go back
12:15 am : Pappy detected one tick on my neck....
12:20 am : Another tick on neck...
01:30 am : Finish my tick session (around 30+ ticks OMG)
01:35 am : Bathing at midnight (WTH?)
02:00 am : Continue some tick finding
02:15 am : Pappy go home

Why I have so many tick ah? Where the tick come from? No wonder I so itchy la... I hate tick... Pappy will buy me a tick shampoo this saturday before/after my Jungle Tracking session.

Those tick concentrate on my neck :( red red color liao

Monday, June 11, 2007

Learn Jumping

This was 1st movies pappy take when I jump... This is very noobs jump compare what our Pacco done hehehe but I am learning to jump higher than her do.... gambateh ! hehehe

Sunday, June 10, 2007

7 Facts of Life for Prince

Talk about facts.... I think bad 1 more will than good 1... I must tell you that :-

1) I like jungle tracking (when unleashed)
2) I will Show "action" or unhappy face when pappy/mammy not accompany me
3) I like to Eat alot and alot of PAPAYA !
4) I Hate to be leashed when raining day :(
5) I like Running around my housing area (while pappy chasing me like hell :p)
6) I am a "Totally Friendly" Dog... with Girls, Boys, Kids and even Theif ... I treat as friend :p
7) I wishing my pappy and mammy can good as last time what they was :(

This is what Prince always do and think :) I hope my friend can know me more by reading my facts of life :p