Thursday, April 30, 2009

Someday in Yen's House

When I review back my picture with pappy, it remind me that some sweet moments that we are having in yen's house. I love to 'kacau' and bully him. You see... hahaha I kiss kao him =)

I blur the picture because there is other poeple there =)

I jump on top of my pappy =)

Is something there... ?

Although pappy didnt have much time for me, but I know he wont forget me. Yesterday night he did mention that he will spend more time with me ! Yippie ! I hope he not lie. He like to talk to me whenever he is unhappy. Prince is a good secret keeper, dont worry pappy. Tomorrow will be better, you still have prince here =)

This was our lovely picture

Saturday, April 04, 2009

April 2009

It been so long that my lovely + lazy + fatty pappy didnt write blog for me. He say "There is nothing special to write, go walk, sleep and eat only..." I was... speechless... This is because you never bring me to anywhere... Grrrrrrrrr


But nevermind since yesterday you brought me some greenies and also bone, Ok la... I forgive you. Somemore you promise me that today you will bring me back grandma and grandpa house =) Hahaha Syiok ! I love them much because they always feed me with nice food and also play with me =)

Just finish bath by my lovely + lazy + fatty pappy hahaha... serious he is very lazy nowadays... stay at room dont know do what -_-'' While waiting my body dry... He is busying take some of my photo. I wish pappy can bring me go to beach this time and take some nice photo for sharing... I hope he wil keep the promise =)
Still wet ... dry jor can go in car with pappy

The most terrible poverty is loneliness, and the feeling of being unloved

p/s: Pappy, can you love me more? *winks