Saturday, July 11, 2009

EFS 55-250mm White Mice

I am model again, so long pappy didnt take any photo of me. This is because there is nothing special... mostly routine thing that I do. Sleep and wait pappy come back, go out walk and pee-poo then play with pappy, boring~ Can give some exciting activities for me? I am sure pappy will give me an excuses that HE is very busying~ Cis~ hate this.

However... Today pappy take out his new lens and starting to pose me and take alot of my picture. I am white mice again~ let him to test on his new lens, I am not sure this is good and should I happy with it -_-'' Okies less talk and enjoy the photo that pappy take with his new lens. Nice =)

I am sure you like my photo right? I will share more next time. Stay tune with Prince and you will never bored =) Enjoy your weekend and I will enjoy with my pappy.