Saturday, May 09, 2009

Grooming =)

Hearing that pappy take alot of portraits picture. Arggghhh why not take for me?? So long never take for prince. I very angry and dont 'choi' him for sometime... Hahaha pressure him... at last he decided to take some nice picture for me =) Hahaha... Just joking, actually I just finish my grooming session at SS2. Ermmm nice or not? Lengcai alot right? My 'misai' also no more... see see my close up picture. I look very lengcai as what my pappy say ! Wah nice la !

I got another good news to tell you, next week pappy going to bring me to KKB ! Yahoo... can swim again ! KKB 4 I coming ! Enjoy the photo ya:-

Monday, May 04, 2009

With Mammy

Erm... you must be curious why with mammy right? ahem... Actually hor, this pappy la... dont want bring me back Sekinchan because grandma say I got drop too much fur :( But pappy promise me, next trip will bring me back, he say he dont care what grandma say. Hehehe Yeah ! That is the reason I was in mammy house.

Was a fun visit because mammy did let me go in her house ! Wow wow (barking) Nice and Cool. You know la... this day outside damn hot... like Sauna! You know Sauna?? Argghhhhhhh ! Mammy also cook for prince + giving prince favor fruit ! Papaya ! Heartless pappy fecth me back home at around sunday evening... Hate him !

I enjoy indoor =)

Let me guess... Rice + Egg + Kibbles?
Yummy... That is what it taste !
You think you only got fruit after food? I also got .. neh neh neh

After food... of coz lay down do nothing =)
This was my lazy Sat and Sunday... I feel sad because pappy dont let me go back hometown but in same time I got time for mammy =) Good also !
Pappy : I am sorry for that... promise bring prince back next time ya =)
Prince : See how... I prefer with mammy =) (tease him)