Friday, August 29, 2008

Prince's Pressieeeeee

Here we go ! My Pressieee... Not really much but I enjoy it =)

Mammy's Pressieeee

Pappy's Pressieee

Karen's Auntie Pressieee

Auyong, Jacky and Heng Uncle Pressieee

I can tell you... This time I really got alot of snack and food !! Wahaha actually there still alot pressieee but I just lazy to take photo... Some of the snack I already finished eat :p I really happy and wish next year I can have party party again!!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 Years !!

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to Princey,
Happy Birthday to me.... *applause !!
Syiok sendiri??? Hahahaha

Later pappy will go to petshop and buy something for me... My party is postponed to Sunday because alot people cant come today because today is weekdays pappy also not able to prepared food for me today. By the way pappy will:-

1) Buy me new toys
2) Grooming !! Yeay !
3) Alot of Snack
4) Birthday Party... BBQ !
5) Birthday cake from pappy's sister
6) etc...

I want ! I want !

Syiok wey ! Later pappy will also buy lunch for me... my favor Chicken Rice (only chicken and rice) ... ! So happy and I 3 years old liao... I am adult dog !! Call me senior hahaha. Cant wait for this coming Sunday. See you all !

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Soon

Wah so happy ! Pappy told me he will celebrate my birthday soon... still remember my 1st year birthday? and second year birthday? Ok I assume you already read the post. How was it, izzit excited? I think so right? This year, dont know what Pappy will plan hor, actually I just want Pappy have more time with me ... Prince very sien at home when Pappy not around... I sleep, eat, pee, poo, sleep then wake up and eat and continue ... I going to mad soon, Hahaha.

Who want to come Prince's Birthday Party? This time Pappy told me is on Weekdays maybe not much people will come. But nevermind I just want Pappy celebrate with me :) My birthday is fall on 28th August. I am so excited... Pappy coming back soon yeah ! :)

Cant Wait !

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Super Lazy Pappy

This pappy so lazy... Super lazy and no word can describe him anymore... hahahaha. I have alot thing want to share out but pappy dont want to help me write. Grrrrr wow wow

1 Month ago... pappy bring me to Olympic day... I got alot picture I wanna share !! But I dont have upload because pappy in Hainan, China. Ok today he say he free... let see what he will help me write :) Lets you see those photo me in Olympic day 1st. This time pappy say dont want participate in any game because he so long time no train me jor... sked later I make him "malu". This pappy ah... Kek sei me !!
Nowadays... Alot GR ... Cincai Cincai also got 3 there...

I still like to swim... GR ability :)

Not forget Money and da Owner !

Lenglui Pacco ! and of course da owner

This time got only free shampoo... Last time alot thingy 1 wor...

Okok... After finish da event... pappy take out his new lens... what what 50mm and 1.8 what what what... aikss he tell me he going to take pretty girl photo soon... but he need to test out the quality 1st... what the... am I the model for u to test? I tot you brought for me only? :( so sad... Got pretty girl forget prince jor :(

The quality quite good :)

Pose some nice post 1st :)

My favor place to play my toys :)

p/s: pappy faster come back, prince miss you :(