Monday, September 08, 2008


Once upon a time, a JRT walk around outside my gate... and try to going to my house... but he stuck and cannot go out. A very kind Pappy saw and go help the JRT and asking him where is his home?

Pappy : What is ur name?
JRT : Wow, wow, wow
Pappy : Where are you stay?
JRT : Wow, wow, wow

At the end, pappy dont know what the JRT say and keep it before find his owner. Pappy did suspect is one of the neigbour nearby but the lady always not at home. I hope pappy can faster find the owner because the JRT always steal my food -_-'' Here are some of his photo.

Ugly Sleeping Mode

What up ???

I wanna go in...


Monday, September 01, 2008

Pawty Day at 31 August 2008

Is my pawty !! hahaha Happy !! I just finish grooming in SS2 pet shop. Not bad but the price abit expensive... who care !! pappy give 1... The party is participate with some of my pappy friend and my neighbour. I eat alot and I really eat until vomit. Everyone giving me pieces of chicken, fishball, nugget etc etc... I show you all picture rather than talking =) Enjoy !
What is this? I eat alot...

Blue Berry Cheese Tart... Cannot eat :p

My Food =)

Pappy, can you give me some =)

Pappy's Sister

Pappy's Gay friend =)

Pappy !

Here are some picture took after after grooming... see my fur... nice or not... So nice... I would thanks to all my friend who give attend my pawties and also give me alot of pressieee =)