Thursday, January 31, 2008


Last Saturday, Pappy got BBQ wor... he invited alot friend come to BBQ but I dam sad I cannot eat :p because pappy say I will get sick if I eat :( but luckily pappy's friend give me some chicken wing, fish and fruits. Yummy... I like it alot :)

Pappy's Friends clif and sa jie

Huh, Can I have some food ma??

Awwwww Lovely :)

Kelly Jie Jie ...

Please I can I have it?? please?

Monday, January 21, 2008

Newspaper !!!

So suprise, I on newspaper (Sin Chew Yit Poh 21 Jan 2008) with Amanda, Jane and Elayne !! OMG somemore is faster recall game tim... I got so lousy result somemore wanna show in newspaper hahaha... I am so excited, and my pappy also very excited !! haha Come come I show u here

Here is the original photo my pappy take.

I am searching where I am...

Where are ah?

Found ! haha yeah !

Close shot see me? hehehe

Sunday, January 20, 2008

JT with mammy

Yeah this time my pappy not drunk... so I able to go JT... very happy mammy promise me that will go JT with me. She is very good stamina compare to pappy... maybe she got do yoga hor :p hahaha I love to JT with friend and run around. This time blur2 pappy not bring leash and collar to tracking -_-'' yeah ! I can run around even a road side... hehehe

This time mammy as a Cameran Girl... take photo

Yeah Mammy, why Mammy you so happy?

Pappy ur face very weird neh

Pappy tell me that in jungle there are alot rules and regulations.

Wah So yeng hor... Jiro or Ayako? Sorry I cant differenciate.

Lovely Twin Ayako and Jiro
Hear that Jolin Jie will not join us soon because hor, her new company is 6 days work one. So sien la.. where got company that got 6 days de... hehehe but my pappy also told me he will oversea soon L( I so sien... who can bring me to JT? Mammy? Mammy will you bring Prince chai go JT as usual? Or anyone will offer me a ride?

A boring Jolin Jie feeding Champ.

Close Shot

Mammy said "Champ can invisible..." See the picture :p

No need explain... Best Jumper

A OB dog? So Kuai de Pacco?
Since pappy so care about me and always feed me with good food especially Roti Telur :p Now I become more alert and very agile :p (eh give face ok? dont comment bad thing at my blog) hehehe I hope my stamina can increase and have a best agility look

Stay Aler for incoming problem

Jumping with caring my tennis ball (Thanks Rocky)

Just now just said good stamina, now so fast KO jor :p

Ayako doing CPR for me? or Jiro? OMG please not Jiro :p

We end up our session with yam cha at mamak. Groovy's owner, Jiro&Ayako's Owner, Pacco's Onwer, Champ's owner, Scruffy&Ginger Owner and my owner is having a great time at mamak. This time you know who spend us food? Is Amanda... Pacco's owner spend me Roti Telur... ohhh... thank so much. I love it !

Monday, January 14, 2008

When I was Young

When I was young (8 months, pappy just brought me when I was 8 months), I look like *ahem abit blur2 (I know now also blur2, but last time more blur ok?)... Hahaha my coat abit white white color... Not really gold... let see 1st:-
I dont know how to describe myself, when pappy give me see this picture, I feel myself was so young and I remember I am very shy... a shy boy... who scare everything, scare walk, scare jump, scare human, scare cat and scare chicken and I dont know what is bark... I quite happy what pappy train me and take care of me so well. I really thank him. Thank you pappy. I love you. Time so cruel, now I become old dog jor... 2 years old and 5 months. Nevermind, pappy said no matter I old or young, he will always sayang me as much as he sayang his family.
Thank pappy who give me a warm house, food and care. I love you.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Alan Delon? hehehe Why Delon? hehehe Charming is adopted and rename to Delon. Thanks Yen jie jie that find a good owner for Charming... opss I mean Delon the new name. As Yen told my pappy, the owner said Delon (ahem) is very listening and very intelligent, oh really? I dont think so neh? hehehe (jealous liao). Pappy still think Prince is a good boy and very intelligent :p right pappy? for sure 1 no need ask also I know hahaha

I wish Delon can have a great day and pappy promise that will bring me to visit him soon. In week day cause Delon's owner is restaurant owner, cannot go weekend very busy de... do Delon's owner will give me food? yummy ! hehehe Wish you will always happy, Delon. All the best !

I still missing play ball with Charming (Delon)

Sunday, January 06, 2008

3 Kecik Miao and 4 Doggies

Hahaha... see the title... you know liao... just Rocky, Joo ling and Pappy (hooman) and Me, Jiro, Ayako and Champ join the jungle tracking. This due to Amanda - Pacco and others go to Penang for the Agility Trial. I hope she can win something back :)
See, 4 of us and 2 owners. Pappy as Cameraman

Act Cute

Hei you cannot get up, you cannot get up

huh ...

Hei, go away... I wanna pose !
See nice posing :)

After that hor, Rocky uncle teach my pappy some artistic picture... ermmm but it seem blur right? Hei Pappy dont "act" like pro ok?

Blek !

Nice waterfall

Yiewwwwwwwww :p

Blek again

A very nice and cold water !

Blek Blek Blek :p

I was call to jumps...


4 of us... just stick together :)

Posing in the river... cool?

Hei dont disturb ok? Jiro or Ayako???

We never go to look up tower, we just U-turn back. After the tracking is finish we go yam cha. Yum Yum, Pappy as same give me a roti telur :) because I behave very well today :)