Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Base

Here is my army base :p hahaha just kidding. This is the place just infront of parent house gate. This place is very cold because got mosaic. I sleep here, play here and also relax here. Here i discuss item below:-

Item A
- Place that dirty and scratch by me. Pappy and Mammy said no eye see :p

Item B
- Favor toy and I can catch the ball when you throw it to me. My expertise.

Item C
- Plastic bone, I just play when I bored.

Item D
- Hamburger, yummy but plastic gift by pappy friend.

Item E
- It made from some cloth. I like to play with parents.

Item F
- Defending Wood from sun burn at afternoon.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Nothing Special

There was a normal and boring week, just play and sleep with pappy and mammy at home in the whole week. Below are my activity:-

1) Sleep until morning
2) Wake up play with pappy and mammy
3) Breakfast and Sleep again while pappy and mammy working on own thing.
4) Play awhile and Sleep again
5) Evening walk with pappy and mammy
6) Night play with pappy and mammy and walk here and there
7) Sleep when pappy and mammy sleep

Most I spend my day in the week :p

Monday, October 16, 2006

Jungle Tracking

Jungle Tracking is a exercise that help you stay health and train your good stamina.

Did your parent bring you to jungle tracking? hahaha my pappy and mammy always... bring me to jungle tracking. So nice, I share you some nice picture below:-

With Pappy half way at the jungle track.

Nice har? I'm not a liar :)

Normally will take a nap when finish jungle track... hehehe

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Me and Friend(s) !

After finish jungle tracking from bukit gasing... phew... tired and want to sleep. However pappy drop me to Mr. Chok house and guess what? I meet my friends, his name cody (Dalmatians) ... dont mistaken is not Agent Cody hehehe. I was too excited to the pond in Mr. Chok house, and I make a mistake jumping inside and OMG, I can't wake up from the pond. Later I was rescue by Mr. Chok maid and it really shame shame, my pappy scolded me :(

Hei Mr. Cody, what you want?

I am so tired... dont disturb please, Mr. Cody.

Nah... I told you dont play with me, here is the pay back hehehehe

Does it taste good Cody?

sluuup sluuup (sound of drinking water), nice and fresh water, enjoy with Cody... This are the pond who I jump into it :)

Nice Pond view in Mr. Chok house.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Birthday on 28 August 2006

My 1 year old birthday ! yuppy ! pappy, mammy and many their friend come celebrate with me. There are Chee Fon and Joey who play with me, Kelly and Yuyu who scare me, Laykheng and mickey. Thank for them, wow wow.

Happy Family !

fuuuuu fuuuuu, pappy I cant do it... please help

see my pretty mammy and me with my birthday hat. nice or not ?