Friday, November 30, 2007

Sekinchan Best Photo

Vote ! Lovely or not lovely ? hahaha

I Love You Pappy !

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I was Tag

Ohhh no was tag by Techies

8 Random Fact of me
1) Lazy for the 1st ...
2) A Good Swimmer :)
3) Knows :- Jump, Sit, Stay, Down, Hold, Bark, Ball, Opening Door and more
4) Can Sleep the whole day if pappy not around.
5) Love cat but cat not love me :(
6) Love to donate my dog food for birdy and cat (while I am sleeping they steal my food :p)
7) Love Jungle Tracking will all my friends (every saturday morning if pappy can wake up)
8) Love Papaya and Chicken Rice !

Here the next 8 Victim :)
1) Shu shu de barker
2) Abby and Chelsea de Dogzilla
3) Pacco de Mongrel
4) Money Come Come
5) Jiro & Ayako
6) Maggie Lenglui
7) Supa Molly

Very blur... here is the random pick
8) Tofee

Ok I done my jobs :p hehe hope u all can know me more from this !

Monday, November 26, 2007

Sekinchan 2

Yooo, as promise in the 1st Sekinchan trip, will bring some friend go to visit because it was very nice and beautiful place (I believe hehe). This time come with Pacco, Money, Piper, Dookie and their familys/owners :) We are playing very happily :)

We are heading using Sungai Buloh and then towards to Kuala Selangor

After around 80+Km from PJ, finally we arrive the nice place that full of paddy field, forest and sea side. The sea side can only saw Selat Melaka, not Laut China Selatan. Hehehe Paiseh

This time the paddy grow older liao got rice hehe

As usual, 1st try ! haha kek sei my pappy

Carrying some fruit ! Piper is chasing me

My pappy not care about me anymore, so I just enjoying my session

Dookie and Piper, join the game

Money fall down to small river cant wake up :p

After finish the session of photographing and swimming, we decided to go jetty for taking some nice photo. It just 1KM -2KM from paddy fields. Go we heading to Jetty

Oh my, the jetty look very old, still can use de ma?
Pacco is enjoying his sea view photographing !

Money was leashed because always chase & bark people :p

I been assign as a guard at the jetty to avoid inventor

After sometime, Amanda teach me use her camera...

Force to do so :s

I love water, but abit salty yiaaaak !

Play freebies with Amanda

Legendary Jumper !

Bleeding dont know what hurt me !!

Cannot move, just lay down with my 3 ball ball :)

I was "ter-bite" my pappy when fight with Dookie ! Please forgive prince :-s

After finishing the entertaint money, pacco, dookie and piper... I was so tired. Whole sunday I just sleep at my pappy house. But it really nice enjoy the session with all my friend. Thank pappy who bring me back hometown.

A Lazy Sunday

Friday, November 23, 2007

Nice Thursday

I was been discover by my daddy that I know how to open door... they use treat to lure me to show how I opening the gate. I use my Paws to open... Not believe? Let see...

Next time I show more nice trick

By the way A suprise for goofy boy that near his bark day... I have told my pappy to buy something for him. I hope the parcel is arrive goofy house :)

Thank Amanda (pacco's owner) for send the parcel to goofy boy

Friday, November 16, 2007

Photo of the Month

Thank Rocky

Tai Chi

Hi all, something to share with you all that I enroll in Tai Chi Skill. My Tai Chi Master (look at picture below) giving me his internal power to me... Sooner or later I will become Super Dog ! Hehehehe.

Earth, Water, Wind, Fire, Heart !

Here I come to save the DAY !

Monday, November 12, 2007


8 Dec 2007 "NTV7" 6.30pm

Alert ! alert ! maybe you will see Tracker in Bukit Gasing show on the TV.... Maybe ok? Hahaha record it if u can because my pappy house no recoder :) Because when we go to bukit gasing, there are some NTV 7 reporter recording. They told us maybe got show in NTV 7 on 8 Dec 2007 6.30pm :) Yahoooooo must go and watch... see got us or not :)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Prince de Casper Ghost

Hei, yesterday day night pappy was very "wu liao" he go and buy some of the white clothing and call me to act Casper the friendly ghost. I was what??? see How I was been "decorate"...

No Nose Casper ! -_-'''
Because I cannot breath much at so pappy open a nose path for me to breath... then I patiently stay there waiting for the treat after I act as Casper.

With Nose Casper

Very very Innocent

Woahahhhhhh Scare or not :p

See my sampat pappy also play with me :)

This are my small small experience at Halloween day, I hope next time pappy will have pumpkin for me :)