Friday, July 27, 2007

Mammy and Bone

Thursday nite, normal day for me but this day abit special, Pappy back early wor... Normally he back around 12am in midnight... eh why back so early... After pappy come back and having his dinner. Then I hear a familiar car sound from gate there... eh that is Mammy... Pappy and I was inviting Mammy come in. Since Pappy did not stay at Mammy house I seldom see Mammy lor.

Suprise and not really... I smelled something at Mammy hand.. eh what is that... A bone... A size abit large than previous bone. Hei Amanda, my Mammy see ur comments, now she buy me a big 1 hahaha. I was happy chew and see below me, My Bone and my Mammy photo.
My Lovely Mammy (Please come visit me more)

See, I am not lie, A bone slightly bigger now

A bone size around my leg size :p

Arggggg hard... to chew, My teeth and mouth tired

Friday, July 13, 2007

One Sweet Day

I think this is the day who can describe as One Sweet Day... Why? hehehe look at the picture...

Mammy give me a Pork Bone !

Yummy, I really so excited... How could I describe to you all, look at the 1st picture... my leg already started to run toward the bone when pappy command me "Stay".

Grab and Starting to Lick...

Yummy, Dont Disturb me

Hide in the Dark.... nobody see me...

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cologne aka Perfume

Yesterday night around 1130pm, Pappy's back from meeting and bring back A big bag of dog food and another funny thing which is black color...

Then pappy take out the thing and telll me that it is perfume for u ! I was -_-''' did I smelly? yes I am hahaha hor pappy spray on my body ... I run here and there ... I tot for tick 1. After that, errmmmm I did smell nicer :) hahaha. Pappy told me, it is not because u smelly, it is because pappy's sister dont like dog and feel smelly... so that why pappy brought for prince.
I forgive pappy and thank for buying me alot dog food and perfume for prince. Thank.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

My Favorable Fruit

Guess what is the food... Apple? Yukss... Orange? arrrgggg dont like.... haha

Answer :-

Papaya ! See my eye... just look on the papaya :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

30 June 07 Tracking

After moving to new house, the 1st jungle tracking that I join. 9pm at the morning pappy wake up and prepared to Bukit Gasing. We start the journey on 9pm and arrived around 9.15am. Tot to meet pacco and other friends... After arriving Bukit Gasing, pappy realise that he forget to bring leashed ... Hahaha, This time I am free and no need leashed liao.

I was move out from pappy's car. Oppss Pappy did bring his friend (Wei Liang) going to the jungle tracking... opsss a guys... cannot bully hahaha... I was excited and run, run, run... going to river side to find friends... at river place... eh... no people de... Where there go, I tot they stay until 10am++ ??? Hei pacco did you all meet at river there?

However we meet another couple in the river there, there girl quite ok de... pappy told his friend that the girl look like mixed hahaha. I we continue going to hill and stop at top of the hill (Tower area), Rest,drink water and start finish the journey.

When going to pappy's car, I was meet a poddle and a schnauzer sitting at the entrance... They said me... "eh why so late"... -_-''' hahaha nevermind, next time I will barked pappy call him wake up earlier. See you all next time !

Wei Liang's Sis, Heeling, Prince and Wei Liang (from left)