Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How to stop it come out?

I still figure out how to stop the water come out? anyone???

Very annoying... stop, stop it !

Monday, April 23, 2007


Because Saturday morning, Pappy not free for bring me to jungle tracking, so pappy bring me to some event. I think it call SPCA day. I saw alot doggies just like me, walking around and smell here and there. Even tho I am not participate in the event, but I am very happy I can join them in this event. I hope pappy will bring me to every single event that happening in Klang Valley. Here I share some picture:-

A Place where the event held.

There are some adoption of dogs and cats.

Yes, Jack Russel n Shi Tzu

Another 2 Golden Retriever just like me :)

Mix around and smell smell :p

oooo, tired ma...

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dog Food

Errmmm, in google search dog food :

food prepared for dogs -_-""

Hahaha anyone of my friend like to eat dog's food? ermm tasteless and not nice hor? agreed, my dog's friends? Pappy always tell me that dog food is good la... high protien la.. high calcium la.. and high vitamin ... but I wanna tell Pappy it really not nice. I hate to eat dog food. I want Chicken Rice, I want Burger ! I want KFC ! I dont want dog food la... Pappy !

I dont eat any dog food until Pappy visit me or accompanies me. unless I cannot tahan la :p

When Pappy come, I will only eat... Then Pappy with praise me "Good Boy" kekeke :p

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Tracking with New Friend

Hihi... Is time to write my exprience on saturday 14 April 2007. There are alot new pappy's friend. Some are scare of me and some love me :) hahaha The best thing in that tracking is pappy unleashed me in the small river there :) lucky I behave myself and listen to papyp command. I believe pappy will unleashed me everytime I go to bukit gasing. After finish tracking, pappy bring me to eat roti telur :) uhmmmmm yummy :p

Very tired when going up to hill

Cheers ! My Pappy's Geng !

This my Pappy's friend dont know what Jie already :p

After tracking all this jie jie playing this ... bo lat =.="

Please let me off ... pappy helppppp, no breath liao ...

Mandi Session !

Friday, April 13, 2007

Black Friday...

OMG ... 13 April Friday... This what we call legendary black friday? Scare... Pray hard tomolo to raining and no skin infection. Hahaha then I can enjoy my jungle tracking again ! However pappy did say me very smelly wor... how ah? cause this few days raining and I go out enjoying rain :) Hahaha hopefully pappy's friend wont said me smelly, if not sure pappy will scold me and next time maybe dont want bring me out liao...

But raining is very very "Siok" wor... very cold and got water from sky... amazing ma... prince want to see water from sky... dont angry la pappy, ok? hehehe

See you all tomolo at bukit gasing !

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hana & Owner Farewell

Thank Amanda for the link :) Here are some my nice picture with others friend.

Begging for food...

See my pappy weird face

Session photo at entrance

Pappy let me off.. Prince cannot breath liao..

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sad Saturday

*Crying ...

Pappy never bring me to jungle tracking and somemore bring me to Vet... :( Damn scare... Izzit injection again? Pappy said my testical there got skin infection... :( cannot go to juggle tracking :( The whole week I am waiting Saturday to enjoy but Pappy... pappy :(

:( Sad... Dr.


See see .. My testical :p

Friday, April 06, 2007

Jump Up to Table

My Pappy like to call me jump up... jump to the table and then call me jump down... The table suppose for eating or doing thing right?... but I dont know this pappy hor call me jump up there hahaha =_=" Later people will said Prince no manner hor. Everytime I jump up to the table and pappy will feel proud... so weird la this pappy...

Monday, April 02, 2007

Sunday Evening

Pappy dont know why today so free 1... after back from somewhere around 3 oclock, come back and bath me and play with me. Then hor back home again around a hour (6pm) come back bring me out and walk. We go alot places and I still remember in the garden, pappy was bitten by alot mosq... ouch ouch... ahahaha and the leg all red red color...

After that we are going to 1 guard house of a condominum (havent completed yet) for resting. Then pappy take some photo.
You know my favor pose :)

Sitting for awhile and pappy decided to bring me to another places. So we walk and walk, a nice walk and after that pappy is decided to bring me back. But I dont want go back, and sit infront of the gate. However at the end, I also back home and relax. 8pm something pappy again bring me out and sing and talk to me. I think this pappy sure very boring :) hahaha that why come "teman" prince so many time :)

Dont want go back...

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Yooo ... show you video I run around without leash :) ngek ngek ngek ! I am free ! Pappy trust me ! He let me run around ...

Farewell at Bukit Gasing

Wow Exciting ! ... Exellecent ! ... Extreme ! ... Pappy let me free and run the my another friend (dog). There are alot friend like Pacco, Groovy and alot more... but forget there name liao. I think the one wo farewell is call Hannah? hahaha my pappy only know Amanda and others not even know their name... oooo He remember 1 call Wong haha with 2 chiwawa :p. Below are some my picture... Video will show on another post.

Neh... The red color ladies shirt is the one who farewell :)

wow... see so many doggie.. Exciting !~

Hehehe, steal Pacco water... slurpppp

Pappy called Teh 'O' Ais Limau and Roti Telur

Once at home, food also not take and straight away sleep :)