Sunday, August 30, 2009


A very exciting night, alot of foods and especially pappy and mammy is celebrating the birthday with me. The day of 29 August 2009 was too busy. Start from morning, pappy bring me to checkup for the skin infection problem. After come back I having my nice bath with new anti bacteria shampoo. I suppose to have my grooming session but because of the skin infection I got no grooming -_-"

While waiting for me to completely dry up, Pappy go to Ikano to buy present for me. His sista and niece following him to Ikano. I was waiting the party and waiting for my foods =) Here are some present that Pappy and Pappy's Sista bought.

A bowl from Pappy's Sista

This is my new ball =) 1 day rosak liao -_-"

My Birthday Cap~

Pappy's Sista Handmade cake =) Yummylicious
Big bone for prince =)
Time is not early, cant wait Pappy who lazy and slow in motion to setup BBQ fire. Ermmm let me handle this. The time for setup and about 30 mins. Mammy reach about 730pm and we start having our BBQ session. Alot of foods and drinks. Limited food I can take because I got skin infection problem. Only Chicken Wing, Hotdog (Hot like Prince :p) and Fishball (Not fish's ball ok? hahaha).
Setting up BBQ

Joker of the day -_-"

Prince and Family

Ermm My foods =)

Pappy is BBQ-ing for me =)

I am concentrate on the CAKE =)

Pappy : Dai gor zai jor, must listening dao~
Mammy : Ya, already big boy, 4 years old, listen to pappy ok?
Prince : Yala... yala.. "cham hei dao~"
My cake, dont want share can ah...
Pappy already celebrate 4 years brithday with me. I am so lucky to have a loving and wonderful Pappy like you, I love you so much. He told me that like wise to have Prince. Prince such a wonderful and loving dog for him and his family. They proud of what I am and love as what I will be. Thanks pappy and I feel very proud to be your son. Love you~


Siu KeOnG said...

Happy birthday prince :)
You so lucky, got such lovely pappy and mammy...ahaha

wish next year i can celebrate with you too :P

Prince said...

Yeah I will so lucky Siu Keong gor gor... Must come play with me often =)

Anonymous said...

Homemade barbecue, just for you -- you're a lucky boy, all right!
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