Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Prince the Pop Star

Funny Pappy... dont know sot where liao that suddenly call prince be a pop star. I wonder why he doing with all the tripod and the camera... each action need to do twice or more than that... sometimes 5 times... argghhhhhh

I was told that Pappy that he going to take me as guinea pig again... for testing some movies capturing skills... videographing? ermmm Ok la... what to do... I am only the person who he trust, hahaha. The itinerary as below :-

Early Morning
7.00am - Open the door and pretending wearing shoe -_-" (Take 2 Shoot)
7.15am - Asking me what to bring (Take 2 Shoot)
7.30am - Opening door (Take 3 Shoot)
7.40am - Jump into the car (Take 5 Shoot)
7.45am - Driving out from house (Take 2 Shoot)
8.00am - Reach Desa Park City (Take more than 5 Shoot)
9am - 11am - Playing around and taking around hahaha...

This about the itinerary that I have been thru the whole journey, it fun but yet very tiring. I hope next time Pappy can be more pro abit lor so that I no need to redo so many time. Here are my 1st draft that Pappy edited for me. Thanks you pappy.


wei shien said...

i wanna marry Prince!!

LOL on a daily basis said...

Awesome video, such an amazing dog!

Anonymous said...

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Amber-Mae said...

Great video!

Mr. Dubai said...

Is that a golden retriever?

Anonymous said...

He's lovely.

rutuja said...

i loveee ur dog.. i had two german shepherds.. one died... cz he was 14yrs old.. lil girlie is here.. i can see how u both jst love ur dog... ur doin a grrr8 job! =)

hapi said...

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