Thursday, June 25, 2009

Pets Lover

I'm in Pets Lover Magazine... fuiyoooo I feel very happy and excited when pappy told me that I was publish in magazine... this is second time I been in public =) Thanks jiro and ayako pappy for giving my pappy to write this story. The story as below :-

My Golden Retriever Prince has a natural ability to calm people down. Even my sister who would scream at the sight of dogs has clamed down so much that both of them actually co-habit in our house peacefully. Prince loves water - he's a water baby - and he loves nothing more than doing Olympic medal laps in the Kuala Kubu Bharu Waterfall where we go often.

But the thing that always amuses people to no end is when they see him in costume. Prince has a crazy collection of superhero suits - from Superman to David Beckham Football togs to Batman. Batman is his favourite. I call him Batdog. He'll go around our housing are looking for clues and sniffing out the suspect for his latest investigation and people would stop in the street and laugh. "why is your dog wearing a shirt?" they would ask. He always looks so funny and cute. A real 'action man' I always say!

Yeah, Prince and I, we're Macho Men in Black together

I am so cool with pappy =)

I am same page with Jiro and Ayako

Amanda and Pacco in another page