Thursday, August 30, 2007

Merdeka Eve

Eh... Quite weird that pappy can wake up so early this morning... 7.30am already wake up... Wow... Present ! ... I think it should be from Yiran jie jie, Wan wei jie jie and ah Hong ko ko thank the present. Thank yeah

See see... after birthday also got present ! very Xing Fu

Then we go out walk as usual... guess what I meet Ferro, same thing been bully :(

See, Ferro grrrr me :p

Play Ground !

See see I climb so high ! Hurray Merdeka !

After a while, then I knock down as usual... I just take a rest before I can continue go back home.. Time is late 830am lor pappy want to go office lor !

Dont care... Rest is more important

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


A bunch of Kids (friendly 1 not those throw stone and scare like hell) playing game at the "taman". I going near there and I saw it just like a flying thing at sky... What was that?? Pappy told me is boomerang. Wow so excited just like my frebies but can fly so high.

1st Attempt : Jump! failed to catch and the Paper Boomberang at floor
2nd Attempt : Jump! failed again... "Geramnya... Bite and Destroy it"

The Paper Boomerang was broken see see ~

The kid's pappy so angry said... "told u all dont play here, got dog ma... see broken liao". My Pappy so innocent and keep saying sorry sorry x100 and faster tight me up with leash. My pappy so embrassed. Hahaha I still want to play with them...

After that, the kids all dismiss because me ... and Pappy take this picture after there leave. Pai Seh, Pai Seh.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Actual Birthday v(-_-)v

Now (today) only my Actual Birthday !

Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me,
Happy Birthday to me e e,
Happy Birthday to meeeeeeee.

Thank you :p

ermmm Many present arrrrrggg tired...

You want some?

my Neighbour give me angpau wor !! Pappy take it liao -_-''

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Prince's 2nd Year Birthday

Harlo All,

Prince's birthday just pass lor hehehe those who not come sure will regret de cause alot food and alot friend here ma... hehehehe but actually hor my birthday is not on 25th Aug, but actually is on 28th Aug la... but hor because everybody where got free on Tuesday wor... so my pappy decide do it on Saturday lor and Sunday people can rest ma... see my pappy so love me and plan so much for me. Thank pappy and I love you ! Oppps I love mammy tooo thank for the presieeeee...

Pappy bring Prince to grooming before party... Nice !

Alot dog also go grooming also hor (Auntie Joanne)

Huh, huh.. Big head Prince

ohh... Pappy give me fruit tart ?

Oh yeah... It so tasty

There still many, who wan?

Ok Party start... Mammy bring me a shinny Collar and Ball with sound !

1st Arrived dog... 'Ferro' the name !

Follow by Money n Owner (left), Ferro Owner (right).

Amanda and Pacco spotted ! (what u doing with my new ball??)

3 musketeers

My Family photo (Pappy and Mammy)

Pacco & Money : Where is the fellow(Prince) go?...

Prince : Hei I am here la....

Money : Huh... you invisible just now?

Pacco : Dont care... I just want take photo (notice 1st and 2nd photo pacco face no change)

Singing Birthday Song (Pappy : Wait prince dont blow 1st)

Pappy : you can blow now !

Prince : agrrrr tired... no more breath... blow candle is so hard

Pappy help me take my hand for cut the cake

See me? so greedy ...

Hehehe.. dont envy ok? This my presieeeee

Some of my Fans 'si' wanna take photo with me

Another Fans 'si'

I shake hand for all the coming guess and friends. Thank !


Friday, August 24, 2007

Pre Present & Papaya

Yesterday night, Pappy go to Tesco to buy my birthday item (human food, not mine -_-'') such as chicken, fruit etc etc. Around 1+ hours he with friends back and bring not forget to bring me half of the watermelon and a bouncing ball (pre present) !! I was excited and play with pappy for long long time. The ball bounce here and there and I run here and there. I was very excited !!

Yummy ! but ermmm I think I prefer Papaya :p

My new ball but but... yesterday night I bite until it burst jor :( no more ball

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Lor

Guess what ... Happy birthday to prince lor :p Is my second year birthday... Pappy said hor will celebrate with me... Any of you all will come ma? Please let me know... My Pappy want to prepared food for you all lor... Please confirm attendant :)
Date : 25 August 2007 (Saturday)
Time : 6pm
Venue : Kg Sungai Kayu Ara - Damasara Kayu Ara

Current Member Attend:
1. Mammy (WOD) - Must Come :p

2. Yiran (WOD)

3. Hee Ling (WOD)

4. Hui (WOD)

5. Yeong Wei (WD) - Toy dog White and Blue -_-''

6. Amanda & Pacco (WD) - If map provided :p

7. Money and Owner (WD) - If map provided :p

8. Neigbour & Mimi (WD) - Depend

9. Wan Wei (WOD)

10. Hong (WOD)

11. Sharie (WOD)

12. Ferro and Owner (WD) - Maybe come if remember :p

13. Yoke Phong (WOD)

14. Jasmine (WOD)

15. Low (WOD)

WOD = Without Dog
WD = With Dog

Chicken Rice

Chicken Rice !!! Dont be shock... this chicken rice is definately not give to me. My 1 just plain chicken and rice only. No Preservative, No "Kicap" and Colouring. Pappy just capture his chicken rice and never capture my one. But I really enjoying the chicken rice session with pappy. Next Time I want more and more !

UnHealthy Food for Pappy, Prince help you finish it Ok? hehehe

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Kena Snap

Aduh... Pappy snap me at balcony... aikssss I was very tired and sleep after bukit gasing walk...

Aiyooo apa ni, Pappy really free ah?

Close Shot somemore... bla bla bla...